Toto - the resilient text editor

If you're like me, you often write various notes, and copy and paste things, using simple text editors, without bothering to save them. Or edit some text files and postpone saving them. They're usually non-essential things, and it's usually fine, you can get back to them later and close or save them.

But occasionally.. stuff happens. The computer freezes, or automatically reboots, or the window session suddenly crashes and logs you off, or there's a power outage, or you forgot to plug in the laptop and the battery dies. Unsaved files are lost. Many of them may be unimportant.. but sometimes you lose something you really need. Or if you have lots of open windows (like me), do you even remember what things you had in the text editors? Alas, you may never recover that information, and not knowing whether you lost something important or not can be as frustrating as knowing you did.

After being hit by this problem a few times, I decided to look for a technical solution. Surely there must be other people who had to deal with this kind of thing, and somebody must have implemented an editor that auto-saves its state. But I searched, and asked around, and tried a whole bunch of editors, and I couldn't find anything that:

Well, since I am a programmer, I decided to write my own solution. And after several months and a lot of work...

Toto Enter Toto - the resilient text editor!

Requirements: Java 8, you can get it from
OpenJDK/IcedTea users - note that JavaFX is required, you may need to install OpenJFX.

And finally, you can download the first public release of Toto (0.8).

License terms: This is a binary version, I'm not releasing the source code yet. You are free to use it and do anything you want with it, except you may not distribute any modified version (if you manage to modify it). Use at your own risk - I am not responsible if you encounter any problems or do anything illegal.

I hope you will find it useful.

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